Has your dog already been to Annie’s and had a demeanor test? No need to take another one! New client dogs must schedule a full-day demeanor test (at no charge!) in order to use our boarding, daycare, or indoor dog park services. All owners should be aware that some dogs may be good candidates for daycare/boarding but not the indoor dog park. To schedule a demeanor test, please log into your Owner Portal by clicking the appropriate link below.


If you have not yet signed up, you may do so here:


What is a demeanor test?

The demeanor test is a full-day no charge appointment for your dog(s) which allows us to get a better picture of how daycare and/or boarding reservations will go.  We try dogs out in our kennels, in our play groups, and see how they react to being leashed and handled by our kennel technicians.  This test day also helps your dog(s) become acquainted with our facility.  The dogs can meet the staff, get to know some of the regular daycare and boarding dogs, and get to see you'll pick them up at the end of the day all without us having given anybody any shots!


additional Requirements

All dogs must be at least four-months-old and current on their Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccinations.  We need proof of these vaccinations having been administered by a licensed veterinarian. All dogs over six months of age must be spayed or neutered. We need to meet your dog and do a full-day demeanor test prior to booking any daycare or boarding stays. Also, we will ask you to sign our Pet Care Services Agreement when you drop off your dog for the first time.  You can look over this legal agreement beforehand (available at the bottom of the page) or when you come in for your scheduled demeanor test.  Appointments are required for all demeanor test, daycare, and boarding stays.

To learn more or schedule your appointment, call (405)310-3084

or email ARuffHouse@gmail.com