You can drop your dogs off just for the day and they will be cared for in our super-fun dog park setting. We conduct structured play and open pack walks. In the spring, summer, and fall we spend most of our days outside playing. We also offer a climate-controlled indoor play area for those not-so-nice days. 

Bring us your high-energy dog and we will return to you a tired, happy, and satisfied friend. 

We like to describe doggy daycare as comparable to enrolling your child in sports. Dogs can receive cuts, scrapes, nicks, bruises, sprains, torn nails, or any of a variety of other minor injuries when playing safely in a group. Our kennel techs are always on hand and are trained to prevent serious injuries or intimidation/bullying. We do allow dogs to safely give warnings to each other and low-level corrections.

Dogs may be forced to take breaks or given "time outs". This does not mean your dog is bad or that you need to be called every time that happens. This is normal, responsible management of group play and is not cause for concern or alarm. We will, of course, be up front with you and work with you to assess the situation if your dog needs repeated time outs. 




1st dog $24
additional dog of the same family $18


1st dog   5 day $110   10 day $216   20 day $384
Add'l dog 5 day $85   10 day $162   20 day $288

Additional Services

Administer meds $2 per dog per day.

Baths range from $15-$20.

Afternoon Checkout $15 per family.

House Food service fee $2 per day, per dog.

Daycare after hours fee $5 for the first 5 minutes/ an additional $5 for each minute after that. 

All dogs coming to Annie's must be wearing a quick-release (also known as "squeeze and release" collar and arrive on a flat leash. No buckle or martingale collars and no retractable leashes are allowed, and please remove any prong or training collars before entering the building. For the safety of your dog(s), our staff is NOT allowed to remove prong collars. 

Vaccinations: We require Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccines. The "L" stands for leptospirosis, and is sometimes not given as a core vaccine. Lepto is a bacteria transmitted to dogs from wildlife urine, most commonly through standing water, but increasingly seen in dogs that have no access to standing water. It is also a bacteria that can be spread to and from humans and cases have been on the rise in the U.S. in the last 10 years. As both of our facilities are next to easements/green spaces conducive to wildlife and we often have standing water in our yards after significant rainfall (which also seems to be more common recently) we require this vaccine, which can come separately or in your core DHPP vaccine. Lepto is an aggressive disease that can be costly to treat, primarily affecting liver and kidney function, and is one of the few diseases that can be passed from dog to human and back again. 

*All vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian or veterinary practice*

*All dogs must be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age*